Caleb Mutch

Apr 2017

I never thought I would read such a scathing review about Mutch as the one below me. In the end, though, I kinda see where they're coming from. Kind of. In my experience, Mutch's class was very easy to coast through, though this is coming from someone who's familiar with music, music theory, and a little bit of music history. Actually, Mutch's class was very easy. I never had a problem with grading (his prompts were indeed easy and I got good grades), and the information lectured in class was easy enough to follow along with. When you participate, he does tend to respond with a cold silence, but I thought that was just him letting students talk and get their participation points. The hardest part of that class was probably the listening quizzes he gave, where you listen to songs for homework and have to identify them (with their composer and larger work) in class. Mutch is actually kind of a goofy guy, but I decided to keep my distance from him because of how I ashamed I was for falling asleep literally every class. Oh well, I got a good grade so I guess he didn't seem to care that much. So I don't really know his real personality, but all in all, it's just music hum, and his section is easy enough to coast through, fulfill that requirement, and get a decent grade.

May 2016

While I would say that this class had a relatively average workload, I feel that it is quite necessary to highlight some of the Mutch's deceiving characteristics. At first, one would come across this professor as a socially awkward PHD grad. It is impossible to have a conversation with him without the inclusion of awkward silences and it is even more impossible to take him seriously considering that he is the type to wear running shoes with cargo shorts. For the most part, his classes consisted of a 40 minute lesson on the composer, and the remaining minutes were attributed to students asking questions like "how much did Beethoven make" or "did Stravinsky take drugs". Very often he would try to imitate the songs on the piano but did so with many mistakes. Therefore it would have been better off not listening to it as opposed to him indirectly bragging about how he plays the piano. It was easy to bullshit in his class considering that no one read the book nor was it really required. The discussion posts were completely subjective, so very often you can get away with writing your own opinion as opposed to discussing what the readings were about. His “pop” quizzes every week were relatively easy but you have to know everything about the song’s name to get full credit. This means that Symphony no. 5, Movement 2 is worth half a point where as Symphony No. 5, Movement 2, Op 30 is worth a full point. This is where I go off on his conniving nature. At first I wanted to sympathize with this professor since he looked like the type to get bullied in school for listening to Bach during his lunches and recesses. I also thought he was a virgin considering that he clearly jerked off to the likes of Mozart and Handel while drinking a warm glass of milk before bedtime. (Trust me, when he speaks about any composer, there is an immediate jolt of energy and his pants get wet). Mutch keeps much of his animosity towards students to himself, and decides to lay into you either through your essay or participation grade. He shows no visible signs of hate, so IF you decide to take his class, try your best not to laugh at him (despite how hard it is not to) or go on your phone (despite how boring his class is) because he sees everything even with his lice-infested, ungroomed beard that covers the majority of his face. Make sure to participate because he takes it very seriously and will dock off points for not doing so - however he will never call anyone out for not doing nor will he show you any signs of how much he hates you. His essays are generally easy prompts, but do not take this lightly – he will grade it harder than you expect, especially the first one. The final exam was also quite easy considering that it was multiple choice and 2 essays that were subjective and a comparison. Once again, don’t be tricked, he grades the essays harder despite how easy the questions are. All in all, I received a good grade, but would have definitely been higher if it was with another teacher. I didn’t really work hard but that was also because Caleb is a joke. He is heartless and won’t round your grade up as well. Try to find another teacher, but I guess he is not the worst out there.