Isabella Lores-Chavez

Sep 2016

Isabella was a wonderful TA for Intro Art History I with Anne Higonnet, and one of the reasons I decided to minor in Art History. I got into her section last minute and I feel so grateful that I did. She's smart, competent, engaging, and made section something I looked forward to every week. That class can be unbearable if you have a bad TA - they grade all your papers/tests, you interact more with them than with Higonnet - but I lucked out. She cares about the students and is invested in their success throughout the course. I managed to make some of my required trips to the Met with her as well, and her tours were actually interesting (a feat for those trips). She met with me to discuss my papers any time I wanted/needed to, and her comments actually made me think and definitely improved my writing. If you get the chance to have her as your TA, go for it!