Johanna Gosse

Oct 2016

I took Professor Gosse's Art Humanities class in Spring 2016. I strongly recommend her class. Johanna is an alumna of Barnard and much younger than the typical Columbia professors. I think it's safe to say that she's "cooler" than them too. She is very reasonable about the amount of workload that she assigns and you will learn a lot from her, without resenting being in her class. I took the class because it is a graduation requirement, but I have already found myself using some of the concepts that I learned from her in my everyday life and in other classes. With that said, it safe to say that I enjoyed her class. Johanna demonstrated to me that she cared about my well-being as a student, which meant a lot to me. She is approachable and makes herself available outside of class. I recommend attending her field trips to museums (which are mandatory anyways) and staying late with her if she offers you extra time. These field trips were my favorite part of the class, because Johanna applies concepts to real life art (as opposed to powerpoints). I was originally scheduled to take this class from another professor, but was able to switch into Johanna's after a week into the semester. Unlike the other professor, Johanna wasn't boring and assigned a reasonable amount of work. She also created a sense of community between myself and my classmates, whereas the other professor encouraged a sense of competition.