Francisca Aguiló Mora

Apr 2021

As a non-native Spanish speaker, I initially had some anxieties before taking a class taught in advanced-level Spanish and English. However, Profesor never actualized those anxieties in the class. Not only was accommodating to those who had intermediate-level "proficiency" (under general university standards) in the language, but she demolishes the dichotomy of "standardized" Spanish and "colloquial" Spanish—making the class a real treat to those who feel intimidated by other professors who would critique you on grammar than on content/thought. Keep in mind, however, is that the only requirement of this class is to have an "intermediate-level" of Spanish (mostly for reading purposes). The hardest part of this class was becoming acquainted with the various Spanishes that exist. But Profe. provides a generous amount of time on assignments that would be difficult for everyone (like reading a book entirely in Spanish—which, by the way, she also provides the option to read it in English) and generally is an eye-opening class. Highly recommend it to those who are interested in how people within and outside of the Spanish-speaking perceive the language. If you're majoring in the LAIC department, this is definitely a class you wouldn't want to miss!

Jun 2018

Francisca was amazing. She was kind and caring, and worked hard to speak to students and engage them in the language. She made class fun. She also prepared us well for the final.

Apr 2017

Francisca is a great professor. Makes us laugh a lot but also a good teacher. Very understanding. I think there are more lenient graders but by that I mean you could find more lenient professors but Francisca grades very fair, nothing to complain about. I'm looking at a B/B+ and definitely did not put forth my best effort. An A/A- is definitely obtainable with a little work. She was so good I took her for Intermediate I and II.

Nov 2016

I'm writing this review before the end of this semester for those of you who (like me) are planning for class registration for next semester. If anything changes by the end of the semester (and I don't think it will) I'll make an update. Francisca is an excellent professor. Super nice, pretty funny, and overall just wonderful at teaching Spanish. The majority of the class is in Spanish, which I think is really helpful for learning, but she will say things in English at times just to make sure the important stuff is clear. She's very willing to answer any questions and makes an effort to get to know and to interact with her students. Of the three Spanish classes I've taken at Columbia, this one is probably the most work-intensive but it's not too bad. She assigns a lot of MySpanishLab (I think she doesn't know how time-intensive and annoying it is), which is a bummer and there is at least a little bit of homework from one or both of the textbooks due each class. She's a kind of lenient grader in my opinion though and her quizzes (one each unit) are very easy. Overall, if you can take Spanish with her, do it! You won't regret it and you'll learn a lot.