Sara Ede

Nov 2016

Sara Ede is the absolute worst. I emailed her once for help to reschedule an exam for religious reasons after my professor gave me an indefinitive answer and she forwarded it to the professor, breaking student-adviser confidence and letting the professor know that I was trying to circumvent her authority. Also she mysteriously disappeared during registration last year and I missed out on classes I wanted to register for since my account had a hold on it that should have been removed. This isn't an isolated incident, Dean Ede is famous for ghosting during the worst time, earning her the nickname "casper" among students ill-fated enough to be assigned her as adviser. Besides that she is annoyingly unhelpful, curt, and always overloaded. She responds to emails in the most short and unhelpful ways, saving her precious email time to long spammy emails about nothing to all her advisees so her bosses can see that she is doing something. The worst qualities you can ask for in an adviser. If you are shelling out 70k a year for this university, you deserve much better, so if you get assigned to ol' Sara "casper" Ede, my advise is to transfer immediately.