Heather Hurwitz

Nov 2016

This course pretty hard to get through. I loved the topic the class and enjoyed reading many of the readings. However, the class itself was not properly taught in a way to encourage us to share our ideas, our thoughts, and our questions. Professor Hurwitz tends to teach this class, but unfortunately she did not create a sense of community/belonging in the classroom even though there were only 7-8 of us. Class discussions were painful, awkward, and uninspiring because of the way they were moderated. A few times, our class would start to go down an interesting path, and students started sharing their ideas more fluidly... then the professor would stop us,, which was pretty odd. Grading for this course is pretty muddy, so don't expect this to be a easy. The professor also likes to randomly call on you if it seems like you may have something to say or have a look of confusion/excitement on your face, so be prepared for that. Lastly, Professor H constantly encouraged students to come to office hours, but refused to answer questions directly. It was very difficult to communicate with her and have an "easy" conversation. The one time I attended office hours I left feeling frustrated, and overwhelmed. Office hours were possibly more painful than class itself. Professor Hurwitz is a kind, thoughtful woman, but this class was to my favorite, regardless of the interesting topic and readings.