Daniel Litt

Jan 2017

10/10 would recommend With calc professors, you often have no idea what you are getting; most profs are only there for one year. But I totally lucked out with Litt. He is funny, engaging, draws out participation from the audience, and very accessible. He was fair, really cared about his students, and was basically the best prof I heard about teaching calc 3 my semester. The class also had a VERY generous curve; he curved it to a B+, when a lot of other calc profs curve to a B-. If you can take anything with Litt, TAKE IT

Dec 2016

Daniel Litt is sooooo lit! He is one of the best professors you could ask for. Not only does he make class very engaging, for instance with problems maximizing your wealth, but he is also very nice and sweet.If you ever have any problems he is always there to help. The homework was very very hard though but his exams were okay. The midterms were relatively straight forward and the final was much harder. Daniel Litt is not only a super nice guy but also a good teacher. Disclaimer: His handwriting is sometimes a bit illegible

Dec 2016

What a great professor!! He's funny, interesting, and great at explanations and using real-life examples to help students visualize (important in a class like calc 3). He constantly offers extra credit opportunities and it's extraordinarily clear what's necessary to understand and know for the final. He works really hard to learn students names and generally cares about how everyone is doing in the class. He's even on top of responding to emails and questions!! Take Calc 3 with Professor Litt!

Nov 2016

The most legendary calc 3 professor ever. I enjoyed Litt a lot. Took calc 3 freshman fall in 2016. He goes in depth to explain every topic and concept. He imitates 3D/4D graphs using his hands running around. He shows you cool stuff, dishes on Yale(he's from the big crimson). We loved this guy.