Isabelle Levy

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2019

Oh my goodness. I've never had a professor who cared so much about us and who was so into what she is teaching. Prof Levy is such a gem. A hidden gem. I cannot recommend any class with her enough. She is engaging, and actually made it exciting to get up for an 8:40 class, which is something I've never experienced. I'm dyslexic, so I hate reading. However, this class actually made me WANT to read, which has, again, never happened. Take. This. Class.

Sep 2017

This class was easily the highlight of my semester. She was a phenomenal professor who really cared about the material, and that showed in how she transmitted it to the students. Her lectures were engaging, and she really wanted to make sure that we could understand the material. She also responds to emails incredibly quickly, and is always willing to meet to discuss your papers.

Dec 2016

I took Jewish Medieval Literature because I needed a Global Core. It actually ended up being my favorite class of the semester. Professor Levy is a really great teacher. What's great about this class is that it's really specific. If you're someone like me who gets frustrated by seminars about really broad topics where all you hear is students talking about how the readings made them feel -- this class is the opposite. Dr. Levy is incredibly knowledgable and has even translated some of the texts on the syllabus. She brings out the best in students. As someone who didn't know anything about the subject, I thought Levy made each class's material accessible but also dynamic and thought-provoking. She was an undergrad student at Columbia and is very understanding about student's busy schedules. Would recommend over all!

Dec 2016

Professor Levy is a gem. I loved her class and her teaching style. She's very nice and approachable.

Dec 2016

Taking Professor Levy's class this semester was one of the best decisions I made for this semester! This course is not only fascinating, but Professor Levy's enthusiasm regarding the material makes each and every lecture an engaging adventure. I love that the course examines both Jewish texts as well as other texts from the time period in order to help us better understand the interplay between each of the religions from a literary standpoint. Aside from being really engaging, Professor Levy is an extremely kind person and a very approachable professor when it comes to discussing anything from the papers she assigns to something from class you either didn't understand or want to further discuss. This class does fulfill the Global Core requirement, but is worth taking whether you need those credits or not. As someone who didn't need to fulfill their Global Core requirement, I still found myself thoroughly enjoying what this class had to offer.