Emily Ciavarella

Aug 2017

The class didn't focus on learning to write, but was mostly focused on reading and interpreting the texts. Texts were occasionally interesting but more often not (in my opinion). Very approachable in terms of office hours and getting help on essays, easy to talk to. I think she had a very specific idea of what she wanted for each essay but I wasn't ever too sure what she wanted. Figuring that out would be good for your grade. Essay grading was on the tougher side, hopefully you're already a good writer because you probably won't learn how to write from this class or from the feedback on completed essays. Stickler for deadlines - once I submitted the wrong draft and still got a late penalty because the correct draft was submitted a day late. As far as I know she doesn't give any extensions or anything like other UW professors. Class got a little awkward sometimes but Emily seems to really care about the class and the students. If you're a good writer and you are willing to spend a LOT of time on your essays and you like to talk in class you could probably do well.