Buck Wanner

Sep 2019

Literal definition of the worst. If the fact that he has a masters in dance critique hasn't already thrown up a red flag for you, let me wave one high in the air right now. Unhelpful, unclear, uninteresting. He will spend the majority of his time and effort "teaching" you things you already know and refuse to explain things you don't understand. Claims that he can't explain certain things to you because the class requires students to get comfortable working without full comprehension of concepts, but this is just an excuse for being a poor teacher. He will give you serious doubts about the value of the Columbia education, both because he is partially responsible for providing it and because he is a product of it. Avoid if at all possible. If not possible, brace yourself for a tedious semester and go to the writing center as often as they will let you in the door because that's the only way you will learn anything.