Benjamin Bostick

Apr 2017

Bostick is hands down the worst professor I've had at Barnard/Columbia. If you have the option to take this class somewhere else, definitely jump on it. The only saving grace of the class is that it's not too much work - Bostick is so disorganized (and busy) that he never has time to write or grade problem sets. We turned in 5 assignments this semester and have not received a grade on a single one; our midterm was handed back 6 weeks after we took it, long after the PDF and withdraw deadlines. Also, at the end of our first midterm, Bostick told students he would likely lose the hard copies of their exams so students would need to take their exams home and scan them into Canvas. If the disorganization isn't enough, Bostick can't help but speak condescendingly to his students during class and office hours. Whenever you ask a question, he rants about how students can't perform basic operations in chemistry and how we would understand the material if we "just use logic." Never mind that the question was about a specific area of content. The Barnard chemistry department likes to pretend it's special by offering the pre-med chemistry sequence in a different order than every other school. But really there's no concrete curriculum for this fourth semester of chemistry. Take it at Columbia or at another school over the summer.