Emily Sun

Jan 2021

I really enjoyed her class. She pushes you to be really precise in how you talk about texts and refine your limited ideas and observations into a broader point. The books weren't always the most engaging, but I still enjoyed thinking about them in class.

Dec 2017

wow is this course boring

Dec 2016

Emily Sun is a GODDESS. She is kind, engaging, and wise, and truly wants the best for each student. The reading list for this class is fantastic - I actually wanted to do all of the reading!!! The syllabus is also well created, the order in which things are read and the way she has broken the class into units gives the good readings even more meaning. Because it is a smaller class and runs like a seminar, it depends a bit who is in your class and how much reading/ speaking they do as to how the discussions run, but Professor Sun always has interesting questions and thinking points. This class feels like a book club, not a class, and I loved it so much and got a lot of interesting reading out of it.

Dec 2016

Really great course! The workload wasn't that bad (because tbh who actually does ALL the readings) but Prof Sun was really great about initiating discussions and doing the best to really explore even the most minor comments, and made us really passionately discuss whether something was a plot or a story and if that even mattered. It was a really interesting take on literature- from the narrative point of view- and I found myself feeling very passionate about essay prompts that made me want to start writing them right away.