Marianne Mollman

Dec 2016

Widney: Very effective at getting the main points of each class across while being very flexible/letting the conversation flow in a generally very informative manner. More specifically: One of my favorite humans. Experienced, knowledgeable, concise (but not overly so), engaging, genuine. Radical. Ideal Barnard professor (can we keep her?) Marianne: Also very engaging and always brought an interesting/valuable perspective to each topic. She especially shared about her professional experiences which made this class a fantastic opportunity for us. Course: This course was exposure to two very broad topics that I knew little to nothing about. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone/everyone. A considerable amount of time was spent giving brief overviews of how things work in the fields of Human Rights and Public Health, but this was confined to the first few classes. The remainder of the course was deep diving into essential topics such as reproductive health, torture, advocacy etc. This structure was fantastic for anyone who has never taken a human rights course but wants to skip to the fun part (as opposed to starting with intro courses). Also, both professors seemed to place high value on providing feedback, when it was requested. That being said, the assignment prompts were vague and there was little guidance regarding the expectations for our structure/focus/writing. This was frustrating for the midterm, which felt like taking a shot in the dark and for some, being unsuccessful. Overall, though, a very fulfilling/eye opening/unique experience.