Gerard Edmund Lynch

Dec 2016

Lynch was so poorly qualified to teach Lit Hum, I would have been better off in the library reading the books every day for two hours--which is pretty much what every one did in class anyway. Class was a silent room filled with the droning monotone of Lynch's thoughts on the general themes of the curriculum-- the treatment of women in Greek society, the role of the gods in mythology. He did not solicit class involvement and when students did interact, he did not encourage the conversation to move along. We opened our books probably once every two weeks; there was almost no close reading done in class. Lynch seemed to consider it more of a history course than a literature course. The most interesting class was the day after the Nov election, when we asked Lynch, who is a federal judge (and Columbia law school prof) what he thought. This turned into a discussion on this involvement in the Lil Kim case...clearly had nothing to do with Lit Hum. On the other hand, the saddest day of class was when Lynch ran out of topics to (pretend to) talk about and silence pervaded the class for more than a minute. So Lynch let out class early that day, because he couldn't find anything else to talk about. And this is a class with dense epic texts...(can you ever run out of things to talk about? if you actually analyzed them?) I hope Lynch never teaches Lit Hum again. And if he does, don't take him.