Jeffrey Kuan

Dec 2016

Jeff is a pretty cool guy. I honestly really liked his class, but maybe just because he matches my teaching style. Needless to say, I did drift to sleep in a few of his classes. Jeff basically writes out EVERYTHING on the board, so I didn't even have to buy the textbook, since he plainly says everything you need to know. Of course it does get a little boring sometimes (especially if you hate math), but it is really helpful and leads to organized notes. Jeff skips the chapter on limits and continuity, which but pretty great since that isn't a particularly great part of the course, anyway. Overall, his exams are pretty difficult, but they are doable (the 1st midterm had a B avg, the 2nd had a B- avg). I still haven't gotten the final back, and it was awful in my opinion, but hopefully all goes well.