Matthew Rhodes

Feb 2017

WORST PROFESSOR EVER. Do not, oh god, please do not take his class. I took his Microbiology class at Barnard and oh man, it was the worst decision I've ever made. First of all, he cannot teach. He does not know how to deliver what he knows to the class. Dr. Rhodes, if you are reading this, please stay in a lab and do research. I don't think you are suitable for a teaching job. Many times, students had to correct him because he had misinformation or did not understand the right mechanism at molecular level. There will be moments he starts stuttering as he teaches certain material- be aware because what he is telling you is misinformative. Usually, professors who can't teach are easy in grading. He is not. He is the combination of the worst aspects a professor can have. Oh god, don't take his class. If you want to sabotage your GPA and learn nothing then yes, take his class. There are two midterms and a final. The level of difficulty of his midterms and final are not hard but you will get points taken off for no reason because he is looking for exactly what he wants. Even if you put what he taught you from the lectures, you will still get points taken off because it is Rhodes. DO NOT TAKE HIS CLASS.