Anton Osinenko

Mar 2017

By FAR the best teacher I have ever had. Consider yourself privileged if you end up with Anton as your professor. He completely changed my view on Mathematics, taking it from a "meh" subject to something I really enjoy. To put it this way, there is a reason why half of the class changed to Math majors after taking him. He is one of the few people that truly takes pride into whether you grasp a concept or not, and he will go through as many examples as it takes for the entire class to understand it. He doesn't waste his time to derive a million formulas like most math teachers, instead he really emphasis on making each concept as simple and obtainable as possible for everyone. He puts in a 10min break halfway through the class so that you can collect your thoughts. This really helps when you go through a lot of concepts and need to re-establish your focus. Make sure you do all the homework problems he gives out and you will be more than fine, and it will give you a really good foundation for higher classes in Math! Sidenote: He knows a lot of Math history as well, so he will describe once in a while for example how ancient civilizations for the first time came up with a method to solve problems that we today consider very stupid. Expect some good laughs in his class!