Robban A.J. Toleno

Apr 2017

Do not take this class with Robban Toleno to fulfill your global core requirement. He is a new teacher at Columbia (having previously taught at UBC) and it shows. His exams are frustratingly stupid - he loves tricky T/F questions that are completely true save one word, or he loves asking you T/F questions on things he mentions in passing in class. He also loves fill in the blank questions where you have to memorize over a dozen tricky Sanskrit buddha names instead of actually learning religious ideas/concepts. He doesn't post any lectures and takes attendance so you have to go to every class. He also loves testing you on little details that will appear briefly on one slide but will most definitely be on a T/F question. He sucks at curving (curved our first quiz to a C+). Also, he is just a terrible professor with an even worse attitude. After realizing that the entire class was unhappy with his testing style, he asked the class for feedback one day, during which he literally threw a tantrum, started trash talking a girl after she left the room, and disagreed with every piece of feedback he got. SUMMARY: terrible class, terrible tests, terrible grader, terrible attitude - DO NOT TAKE!!!!! (PS his ratemyteachers rating is 1.1/5)