Hadas Aron

Jun 2017

First of all, she is a sweet woman but here comes the "but". 1) The lecture notes are posted on courseworks and it is hard to justify taking notes in class when you don't have to...? 2) I had Hadas as my TA, she is wonderful and informative but the discussion section did not supplement the lecture. It often times felt like a completely separate class. 3) The exam format is fair because you only have to answer 5 out of the provided questions in each category but the grading process is a mystery to me. On the first exam I basically fact vomited all over the page. I wrote down everything I could remember and put 2-3 examples and ended up with a B+. On the next exam I wrote half as much and got an A. Grading is very subjective compared to Intro to American where I was provided with a rubric that explained why I got the grade I did. 4) The final research paper was absolutely ridiculous. We had to pick a country and fix its problems. #rough TL;DR Not the worst class offered, weird grading, not really recommend

Apr 2017

Try very very hard to get Hadas. She has such a talent for explaining confusing bits of the dense readings or parts that weren't explained enough in lecture, which is so important, especially if you have the mumbly, fast-talking Kimuli Kasara as your professor. She's also hilarious and a really cool person, which is refreshing in political science. All things considered, section is exciting and actually pretty effective. How often does THAT happen?