Maureen Chun

Jan 2019

I had Prof. Chun for FYS Small Lives. I would not recommend taking this class especially if she teaches it. She is a very harsh grader and generally an unkind professor. For being a Barnard Alumn, I would expect her to be more enthusiastic about teaching but she is very cold and stoic to all of the students. She does not facilitate good class discussions and a comfortable environment to speak aloud in. Save yourself and avoid this class and professor.

Dec 2017

Would not recommend. Unkind and harsh grader. Refuses to explain her own critiques of your work, so you're left not knowing how to improve.

Dec 2017

This was a mandatory class -- and once in, you couldn't switch. Professor Chun was unreasonably strict compared to other professors of Freshman Seminars. She was quick to mark students absent -- even when they were simply late. She demonstrated little to no flexibility in her approach to teaching first years. In terms of the materials -- she was completely uninterested. In fact, she told us on the first day that she found the materials we would read "boring." Needless to say the class was boring cause she brought nothing to it. Near the end of the semester she repeatedly told us she had not time to meet with us. For a freshman teacher that seemed very strange. I would not recommend her or the class.

May 2017

Maureen Chun was one of the worst teachers I have ever had. She was unapproachable and just not nice. She never smiled or seemed excited or happy or passionate about teaching our class. In a class of just 15 students, she should be able to make students comfortable and help the class to mold together but she really just made things uncomfortable. She was awkward and brought no interesting insight or excitement to the texts that we read. If you made an insightful comment in class, she would basically ignore what you said and move on with the conversation in the direction she wanted to take it. She would often refute, in a very demeaning and embarrassing manner, our ideas or comments in front of the class. When it comes to writing papers for her, she offers no constructive criticism. Just flat out criticism. She will tell you everything she doesn't like, will not mention anything positive about your paper, and she will not offer you any advice on how to fix or improve what she does not like. She also presents her criticism in a very demeaning way and delegitimizes your ideas and perspectives just because she does not quite agree. Meetings with her about papers and topics are hell. I came out of meetings with her wanting to cry and feeling even more confused and lost. She offers no guidance and does not direct you in any helpful direction for your ideas. Often, I would come to her with a paper topic and she would manipulate my ideas to what she wanted my paper to be about and 2/3 times her idea was a dead end. She insults your ideas and disregards the effort you put into your draft. Writing papers was already tough for me but writing papers for her was even harder. I knew that no matter how much effort and analysis I put into that paper, she would not like it, even if it was exactly what she wanted me to write about. The most frustrating thing was that she did not make an effort to understand your thought process or your ideas. She was so set in stone with her own ideas and would not really entertain any ideas or topics contrary to her own. Also, she is not very good with giving extensions and is not very understanding. However, she will take all the time she needs to get back your graded 3-4 pg papers (as long as 6 weeks). So she wants her students to meet deadlines but she doesn't meet them herself. After speaking with many other members of the class, both humanities and STEM majors, all seemed to agree with this criticism of her. Some of the readings in this class were interesting.... nothing too special. The class material and work load itself was very doable. I would recommend that you avoid this teacher at all costs. She will really ruin your semester and you will not reap the benefits of a first year writing class like you should.