Tom Smith

Apr 2017

TAKE HIS SECTION!!! Tom is an amazing professor and an amazing person. I am so happy I got to take Music Hum with him as I don't think I would've learned as much or enjoyed it as much with anyone else. First of all this man is an angel. He is just like a really precious kind person. He also LOVES music. There's nothing like taking a class with someone who is actually passionate about the subject matter. He makes the class accessible for people who know nothing about music. We also went beyond the music and talked about the historical and contemporary critiques of composers and their works which I thought added something really valuable that went beyond just passing a core. Additionally, this is not a class that you will need to stress about. He respects the fact that it's a core class that not everyone may be into by giving an extremely manageable workload. He also reads essay drafts, holds test review sessions, and is really available for questions showing that he puts in the extra effort. He also used Beyonce to demonstrate a musical principle in class like what more could you want??? But seriously take this class with this amazing person.