Dolores Barbazán Capeáns

Jan 2021

Professor Loli is a sweetheart. This class is great if you're a bit of a gringo and just need to complete your education requirement. Quizzes on the chapters weren't too difficult. But in-class work, presentations, participation, and the final oral project made up the bulk of your grade. All of these were fairly easy. She is also super funny and in general, makes for a very warm environment. Would highly recommend it.

Oct 2020

I want to preface this review by saying I have had her for two semesters and think she is genuinely the best professor alive!! She is incredibly sweet and cares a lot about her students. It is also super easy to do well in her class! While it may seem like there are a lot of assignments it ends up being great because easier assignments balance out the harder ones (although the material, in general, is not very difficult). You are also super prepared for the midterm and final which is great because it is made by the department. Overall I am so happy I took the class with her and I wish I could do it again!!

May 2020

I have an A. Let me put that out there: this review is not motivated by saltiness over the grade received. Okay, I was going to hold off on writing a review for Loli. But I kind of have to. I came in to this class having read Culpa reviews for various other professors. Having had a professor last semester who I didn't love, I wanted to make sure I had a good one this semester, and Loli seemed to be a good fit. Not so. In class (before we moved to remote learning), she was nice. I felt like she kind of babied us, however, using simpler examples than were appropriate for the level. Also, she divided the class up into four units on the class blog. All of these seemed super interesting, and there were a lot of cool activities. But somehow we never got to all of those activities, despite this class moving really quickly (too quickly, sometimes). However, I didn't hate the class: she was nice, and I was getting some helpful stuff out of it. I also really love Spanish and languages in general, so this wasn't a nightmare. Now we come to my bigger problem with her. During distance learning, she cancelled class one day a week. This usually wouldn't be an issue for me, but to compensate, she assigned a truly ridiculous amount of homework. As someone who is taking very hard classes, which are actually relevant to my major, this wasn't ideal. And then, the worst part is, we never discussed any of these in class. Poeta en Nueva York, a significant work by one of the most important writers in modern Spanish history? Never discussed, though we did do a three-page packet explaining how Lorca's poem (the ONE thing of his that we read in this class) made us feel. Pan's Labyrinth, an interesting movie with themes it would have been so fascinating to talk about in class? Never brought up. One final thing is that Loli decided to implement what she called "clase asincrónica." This was when she created a courseworks page and students could do stuff there, on their own time. Never mind the fact that one of those was held on the day of the week she'd previously cancelled class on. But also, as with most things on the blog and courseworks, finding it was near impossible. When you did find it, it wasn't great. Most of it felt like extreme busywork, or at least something a lower level class would do. Also she didn't tell us what day class had ended, so there would be people connecting to Zoom every day, waiting ten minutes for her to show up, and then realizing that today was a day she'd decided there'd be no class. TLDR: Loli is a nice person. And, when in-person classes are going on, her class is decent. But when we transitioned to distance learning, it became a class I no longer wanted to go to.

Apr 2019

She is amazing! So kind and willing to help students. She is also a fantastic teacher and knows how to teach in a way that is both fun and makes you retain information. My Spanish has improved so much!

Dec 2017

Loli, as she introduces herself, is a great professor. She truly cares about all her students and makes learning spanish fun and enjoyable. She jokes around and manages to make the boring grammar that is emphasized in Intermediate Spanish II interesting. Her workload is very low, and she rarely checks it. But, when she does, be prepared for the look of disappointment if you're one of the students who did not do it. Her grading is very generous, and if you do the work, you will do well. She has been my favorite spanish teach of my three semesters of language at Columbia.

Apr 2017

All I can say Her class isn't a *terrible* way to get the final part of your language requirement done. That being said, you'll have to trudge through her class three days a week for a whole semester. All in all, "Loli" is a really nice person. She's friendly before, during, and after class. I just take issue with the way she teaches: it seems disorganized, and we spend an inordinate amount of time on things that seem trivial (and make up little of the tests and quizzes) but very little time on the challenging, important stuff (e.g. we learned 4 new verb tenses in one day, and didn't review them after that. But the next two classes, we did learn how to say drill, and hammer, and needle! Useful...). If you're willing to review all the important stuff on your own (and do it almost daily), you'll be fine. I wasn't willing. I let this class take a backseat to the others I was taking because there isn't a ton of work besides the midterm and final. But come the big tests, if you weren't reviewing without being told to do so, you're going to have a very hard time, like I did. I guess this is inherent to most language classes, but, again, the work you are assigned mostly focuses on stuff you are tested very little on, while there is often an entire section of the test on something we spent a day or two on. tl;dr she's a nice lady and makes good jokes during class, but has no idea how to convey what's important and what isn't or how to assign work based on that. I would say: avoid, and take Reyes' class if possible. Also, I personally never had a Spanish teacher from Spain and I find that her accent is difficult to understand and that she will tell me that South/Central American and Puerto Rican idioms and syntaxes I learned are wrong when I know they aren't