Avia Tadmor

Jan 2019

Strongly recommend staying away. She grades very harshly, her examples and feedback are vague at best, and she never says what she wants. Her examples are terrible, and even if you do everything she asks you might get a B- her grading is subjective and not based on anything, she basically just grades according to how much she likes the student

Jan 2019

I'd say 4 out of 5 stars. Some things could be improved, but I'd take it again. Prof Tadmor is the most enthusiastic person I've ever met - which is pretty helpful for this course. This doesn't mean that the class is easy - it's very hard to write an A grade essay. It is fun, though. The class is a bit chaotic and the readings are not-always-great.

Apr 2017

NO. DON'T TAKE HER SECTION. She is a very talented poet for sure and teaches the international section of UW. But the class is awful. I don't know what this class is supposed to be, but it is so BORING. I got nothing out of the class. She doesn't know how to foster great class discussions and grades so hard on international students. What is the purpose of having an international section? In terms of progressions, she is pretty clear on what she wants. But it is not anything useful. I am just writing to her taste, and she grades down so much no matter what. She is so stingy on being late, always seems to rush through class schedule but everything she planned for us to do seems like I am back in high school. She is also never clear on her assignments. If you miss something, that's on you for not checking the syllabus. But seriously? Not very organized/ on time with feedbacks, response to questions etc. I expected so much more from UW but all I got out of it is just time wasted for nothing.