Veerendra Lele

Jul 2002

Veve's mission to constantly challenge our own perceptual viewpoints and judgments on the texts is well adhered to, and results in interesting class discussion. He provides good historical data to contextual the works, but doesn't require the class to know it. This is part of his very skilled manner of stimulating dialogue, which, once started, he is willing to simply let go with rare interjections to keep the class on track. Veve helps make CC what it should be, but that of course comes with the caveat that if your class doesn't want to talk, the class will stagnate, at which point he'll have to lecture. The lectures are pretty good as well, but it's obvious he's trying to get the class to pick it back up.

Dec 2001

Veve does a good job at provoking discussion about the readings (especially when they can get boring). Not only is he an interesting man, but he's really a laid-back teacher and always loves to inject bits of anthropological info into the discussions (he's an anthropologist). Grading was somewhat ambiguous.

Jan 2000

A genuinely interesting person, yet his lectures are far removed from the texts. His attempts to stimulate intellectual conversations almost constantly fail and the class disussions never pertain to the readings and focus on only minor details. Not a teacher I would recommend.