Phillip Polefrone

Sep 2020

Really nice, young, and approachable teacher. I had a little bit more work than a different section a friend was in (ie 2 discussion posts a week vs just 1, and 3 essays instead of 2), but it was honestly really manageable and nothing compared to the amount of reading required for LitHum.

Jan 2020

Take UWriting with him if you can! I went into it expecting to be bogged down with a ton of work, but honestly the way that he structured the class made it very, very manageable. Class time was engaging (there was a day where we summarized our essays with memes) and genuinely helpful. Feedback for essays was always very clear and detailed; came out of every draft with a clear idea of how to cut/improve.

May 2017

He has stellar course organization. Being an international student, I was worried whether my level of English writing was at par with the expected college standard (especially because I chose not to enroll in the UW section designed for international students). He is very prompt with emails and extremely helpful during office hours. He even reviewed my final draft of the fourth progression (op-eds) via email an hour before it was due. He was great at encouraging discussion and acknowledging student's efforts. He really wants the students to learn and taught us to use cool sites and software like Zotero, CLIO and GitHub (for posting weekly responses!). I got an A- in his class and that definitely boosted my confidence a lot. P.S Our theme was Sustainable Development