Yuan Jochen Kang

May 2017

Yuan is an awful, awful teacher. He is super boring in class and people literally FELL ASLEEP and started snoring - while he was talking! Unlike what I've heard about other Python professors, Yuan doesn't really care about his students learning. He just comes to class and drones for two hours, and he does not take care to keep students engaged whatsoever. It's like he's just trying to fulfill a requirement. He may know the material, but the fact that he can't communicate any of it is testament to the fact that he is just a PhD student who should not be licensed to teach. The course itself is NOT a 1-credit course. Yuan gave way too much work and is not empathetic to students' needs. He doesn't seem to realize that people take more than his class. He is organized, though - my recommendation is: don't go to class. I stopped going after the first few lectures; spare yourself the pain of sitting through his lecture. His notes comprehensive enough.