Ehud Sommer

Aug 2018

Professor Sommer is my favorite professor I have had at Columbia thus far. He is an incredible professor and teaches the material in an engaging and interesting way - I looked forward to this class every week, even though it was at 8 am on Monday mornings! He covers a wide array of topics and allows the students to decide what areas to really focus on. He is there to answer questions both in and out of the classroom, and offers guidance and help for the final research paper. I strongly recommend taking any course with Professor Sommer

May 2017

Prof. Ehud Sommer (he also goes by Udi) is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and very well-versed with the intricacies of Israeli politics. He knows the material well, but more importantly is a fantastic teacher (and a fair grader, probably even on the easier side). A class like this bound to be heated given the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestine issue, and I must say that it was very one-sided with mostly students from Students Supporting Israel in the class who attempted to overtake conversations and mock the Palestinian cause. As a class, this was fantastic - Prof. Sommer is kind, a great teacher, very fair, and also quick to ensure that the classroom conversations are balanced (he is also charmingly handsome). In terms of the people in the class though, this class was disappointing because of the lack of engagement with opposing views. TL;DR: Easy class, fantastic teacher, belligerent (and disappointingly narrow-minded) students.