John McCaskey

Jun 2017

I am speaking for myself, but if you would like a teacher who on the 1st day of class drives home the point that he doesn't teach because he has to like other professors but because he can, tells you to buy a second set of books if you want to return one set, uses rape as an example of the contrast b/w the Lockeian/ Hobbesian conception of natural rights, then McCaskey's the one for you. I was told that I have a "thinking problem" that I must work with him to fix...because he cannot tell me what is concretely wrong--syntax, grammar, whatever,--only that there is something wrong but he cannot tell me. I was told that my essay wasted his time, was singled out as the only one in class whose essay was NOT given back, was given permission to *not talk* for 2 class sessions to observe role model class participants, was told I was better off not talking, was told to seek life skills workshops to improve my essay *writing*--was given the choice b/w accepting this feedback or getting no feedback at all. 57% of the class got As but do you really want to be in the same class as such an asshole to get there?