Alyssa Khane Masor

Jul 2017

Khane is a fascinating person. She grew as a secular Conservative Jew and now lives as a Hareidi Feminist Yiddishist. I definitely wish I'd gotten to know her more because she has such an interesting take on life, Yiddish, and women's issues. As for the class, which I took in Fall 2016, it started out amazingly. You definitely need to come in knowing the Hebrew/Yiddish alphabet (and knowing loshn koydesh is obviously helpful) but she gave me a really good foundation. Unfortunately, as the semester progressed she seemed less engaged and less patient with us. I think she may have been going through some personal issues so I definitely wouldn't let it stop you from taking the class, but it's something to be aware of. Khane tries to make the class fun by sometimes playing games in Yiddish or listening to Yiddish music. She gave me a really solid foundation in the language and the only other thing I would say is that, like most language classes, this one is definitely better if you take it with friends! I really got to know some of my best friends through this class and it made everything so much more enjoyable.