Anne Donlon

Jul 2017

So Anne is a very nice and understanding person who clearly really cares about literature. However (and this may just be because she's a newer teacher) she could kind of be awkward leading the class and could have taken control more. I honestly ended up in this class as a last resort so the readings didn't necessarily excite me-if they had I probably would have enjoyed it more. This class just kind of felt blah, not actively bad, but not that productive either. The one thing I got from this class that I LOVED was the freewrites. Each class for the first five minutes she would set a timer and we would just write without stopping or censoring ourselves. I think she sometimes gave us topics but it was primarily for ourselves. I also kind of liked the class blog because it's always interesting to see what (and how) other classmates are writing. So yeah, this is basically a high school English class and a non-horrible way to fulfill the requirement, I just didn't love it.