Eve Bernstein

Jul 2017

I ended up in this class through a long series of events but it ultimately ended well. Professor Bernstein can come off a little serious or strange but she's actually really nice and really cares about all of her students. She also sometimes demonstrates more advanced karate moves which was fun. She basically just wants students to move and try their best, this is a pretty low-key class, though I do think it would have been more fun if I had taken it with a friend.The only other thing that's important to note (for all the nonathletic out there) is that there are periods in every class where she asks you to sit while she explains or demonstrates something, which I found nice and made the class more manageable for me physically. Just a side note, the PE department can be really accommodating/understanding if you talk to them! I ended up getting an Incomplete because of absences and I only have to go to one day of a PE course in the Fall to pass the class. You have six excused absences to use up for this class so use them wisely! It's a schlep to figure out how to make things up and no one should have to fail gym class.