Timothy Lundy

Jan 2020

Tim is the GOAT. Great LitHum professor, very passionate about the books and encourages discussion. Doesn't lecture all that much but always poses interesting questions about the text in order to revive a dying discussion. Lots of group activities and things of that nature which is nice for a class like LitHum. Very reasonable grader, can be kind of tough on essays but very helpful during one on one conferences. Provides interesting context and background for a lot of books that we read, but also focuses a lot of our discussion on how these books relate to broader, more contemporary issues. The reading can be a lot but he sends out parts to focus on which is helpful and lets you otherwise generally skim the books. The workload will be comprable to other lithum classes but I can say I definitely gained a lot from his class and how he chose to approach the books we read. If you do the work, you'll likely score in the B+ to A range.

Jan 2018

I appreciated Tim's one on one conferences and the feedback I received on my drafts. He is very responsive to emails and willing to help.If you can't submit a draft, he's usually lenient with the exception of the final drafts, of course. If you work hard and show improvement, you'll be fine. That being said, at times I was confused by what Tim wanted and the class became dry over the course of the semester. He has a strict attendance policy, so make sure to read the syllabus. All in all, he's extremely helpful. Reach out to him and go to office hours!