Paraskevi Martzavou

Jan 2021

Professor Martzavou is a great lithum professor! She likes to read in class and we definitely spend more time on each book than the syllabus says. Fall semester we had one essay, a midterm, a project, and a final but all of it was definitely manageable. She grades pretty easily but does not give much feedback. She likes to facilitate discussions so there's a lot of talking in class and if you don't speak at all, she might call on you but she's never mean.

Sep 2020

Loved Paraskevi! I had her for LitHum. Paraskevi is from Greece but is super multicultural and brings a lot of new perspectives to the class. Her essay topics were very broad, like "what is love" or "what is the point of writing." She does a great job letting students discuss among themselves while still leading the discussion. Didn't seem like a hard grader. Our class went out for lunch/dinner a few times but attendance was pretty low—please go to these, as they're really fun and a good opportunity to get to know Paraskevi.