Tara Well

Sep 2020

Hands down the worst class I've ever taken in college and the worst professor I've ever had. I took this in the spring of 2019 hoping to learn more about health psych but Prof. Well absolutely ruined it for me. To begin, she never taught anything. Each student would have to lead one group discussion, so each entire course was led by a student each week. She always began the class with an 8-10 minute meditation, but after that, she would hand over the class to the student leading the discussion and would very clearly mentally check out. She'd go on her laptop with her head resting on her hand for the rest of the two hours just scrolling. She'd only come back to the class around the last 10 minutes to say "Does anyone have anything else they want to add?" Even if she didn't teach, she didn't even offer anything insightful. There were so many times where she didn't know what we were talking about which made me question if she really knew the material at all... I turned in 1 makeup assignment late and she deducted 5 points from my cumulative grade which made my grade go from an A- to a B. I tried to petition the grade, but she's a tenured professor so Barnard did what Barnard does best which is leave students to handle it on their own. She also said a lot of messed up things like "you know as psychology students you guys should know how to handle stress a lot better." The worst part of the class wasn't even the grade - it was feeling like we were just teaching ourselves which is not what you want when you're paying thousands of dollars. If you can avoid taking this class with her, PLEASE DO! PS if you're wondering why there are such few reviews for such a bad professor, search for Barbara Woike - her former name.

Jan 2020

Horrible professor! She has this really weird way of lecturing where she'll have an outline that she posts on canvas and then she'll like barely follow the outline and will be all over the place. She doesn't really wait for students to write things down and she blazes through the content. Very much the type of class where you have to teach yourself the material. She also doesn't take attendance so you don't even have to actually go to the class. Her in-class reviews can sometimes be helpful if you seriously focus and have lots of good questions. She only has three exams in the grade book and she might offer extra credit if you ask for it. If you want more reviews lookup Barbara Woike, she apparently changed her name for some reason.

Dec 2017

Tara Well's lectures were so boring, she read off the slides. The subject matter is interesting however you are better off doing research on your own then taking the class. Pretty easy A tho...