Eduardo Moncada

Dec 2017

Moncada is an awesome professor. He is very enthusiastic about this topic and has a lot of experience in the Latin American grassroots field. He gives easy to follow presentations and posts them online. The only negative thing about this class is attendance is mandatory but he stops taking attendance after about the first month. Overall, he is a very fair grader and this class is good for anyone interested in Latin American politics.

Nov 2017

Professor Moncada is a great man, he chooses extremely interesting texts for the class. The workload, however, is horrendous. This is a colloquium class, so a lot of work is expected, but the readings easily exceed 100-200 pages a week including "memos." These memos are not reactions, but rather critical analysis of 4-5 pages. This, on it's own would be a lot of work, but there is the research paper component requiring large amounts of research. He is a harsh grader on research papers and could be better about communicating what he is looking for. Do not take this as a first colloquium. If you want to take this class, make sure you feel comfortable with other colloquiums first.