Tara Kuruvilla

Dec 2017

Masterpieces of Indian Art was an excellent class: entirely straightforward, interesting material, with an insanely low workload. Take it for a quick and painless way to fulfill global core! Dehejia is an exceptional, lucid lecturer, and clearly a star in the field. She was associated with pretty much every site we studied in class in one form or the other, as a scholar or curator, and it was fun to hear her personal anecdotes. Class got a little awkward at points when she’d try and get the students to participate at the end of lecture, but that really wasn’t on her. The midterm and writing assignments were extremely upfront, nothing that tries to trip you up, and all material that was highlighted in lecture, as well as the weekly meetings with the TAs. Discussion section with Tara, was one of the highlights of the semester. I’m a senior whose had my fair share of TAs, and I can honestly say she is one of the most talented grad student teachers I’ve ever come across. She is warm, funny, and kind, and incredibly dedicated to the course. She was extremely accommodating with office hours, organized, and clearly worked her butt of to make sure we all understood the material. She obviously loves to teach, and her enthusiasm for the subject made the discussion sections all the more stimulating. I wouldn’t say she’s the easiest grader, she tends to be a little critical on papers and push you to perform to the best of your abilities, but I do expect to land up with an A- in the class, at the very least. I 100% recommend taking this class, and Tara’s section if you get the chance! Like so many other reviewers note, you won’t regret it.