Leonor Pons Coll

Jan 2021

LOVE her! She made Spanish so much fun and comfortable. I definitely felt comfortable talking in her class and even guessing if I didn't know the answer. She was SO nice and very understanding of how this year was different. The work was easily manageable and the daily homework never took me more than 15 mins. She always tells you what to expect on a quiz or what the guidelines are for a project.

Dec 2018

I valued Leonor's emphasis on improving our Spanish, especially our grammar. Intermediate Spanish I is a level where lots of new grammar concepts, like the subjunctive, are introduced, while older grammar concepts are referenced and reinforced, so it is important to have a professor who seems to so genuinely care about reinforcing grammar skills through oral participation and written work. While it is one thing to be able to learn the basic use cases of new concepts enough to pass a midterm or final, I feel like in this class, I have truly been able to actually increase my Spanish ability and feel a lot more confident with the language. That's because Leonor is an excellent lecturer and explainer of complicated concepts, works through the difficulties that come from picking up a foreign language (you can tell because she often refers to her own difficulties picking up English as a second language), and is willing to give you the individual attention you might need even in a class of 17. Sometimes I felt frustrated because I felt I wasn't making enough progress, just because it's only 75 minutes a day and three days a week and 17 students, so you're not going to get the level of immersion and one-on-one conversation time. But Leonor does the best that she can. While I'm nowhere near fluent yet, I feel significantly more comfortable expressing myself verbally and have been inspired to put in extra hours each week to practice writing texts or studying grammar, whereas in past semesters I would do just enough so that I could get a good grade on the assignments. I would attribute a lot of that newfound motivation to Leonor. She is always happy to talk to you after class, offering suggestions and encouragement for ways to improve. During class, too, she was always patient with me and the other students, answering whatever questions came her way and making sure that we felt comfortable enough to make mistakes. She also obviously wanted us to succeed, which was something you could tell from the way that she simultaneously pushed us to practice more and commit things to memory while making sure we felt encouraged and supported.

Dec 2017

Professor Pons Coll was a great professor. Her class was engaging and interesting and she made every effort to create a fun environment for her students. There was no useless information taught and I never felt like I was given busy work.