Deborah Paredez

Oct 2020

Best professor, hands down. She really knows how to talk about art and poetry and performance in a more engaging way than any other professor (or human). The class consists of the most creative projects, which was so fun because we usually spend 30 mins to an hour presenting and discussing people's creative projects in each class. Because of this, the students' work is a class text as much as the book or article we read that week. I got to do some of my favorite projects and essays for this class because she really encourages you to do work on what you're interested in. I absolutely love this woman.

Dec 2017

Professor Paredez is one of the best (if not the best) professor I've ever had. She facilitates conversation wonderfully and holds all students accountable in really concrete ways. My biggest issue, however, was that she often messed up people's pronouns. In a class about queer theory, performance, and gender, it was a big problem. She would always apologize but it happened enough times that it made a lot of students uncomfortable.

Dec 2017

The best class I have taken since I started school. An incredible class and an incredible professor. The course analyzes divas each week from a racial and gendered perspective. So much fun!