Statia Cook

Jan 2018

Love her! FroSci is a terrible class, but Dr. Cook definitely made it bearable. She has a background in astrophysics and works at the Museum of Natural History, which is super cool. She was really nice and personable, and wanted to get to know her students. I kind of feel bad she got stuck/chose to teach FroSci because she deserves better lol. Fair grader (not easy but not harsh), and homework was graded on completion and effort. Assignments with bad grades could be changed to a good grade by visiting office hours. Extra credit opportunities via attending lectures or science-related events. She brought us donuts a couple times and held a final study break with catered indian food (!!!).

Dec 2017

Dr. Cook rocks! If you have her as your seminar leader - do NOT switch out! Besides being the sweetest person ever, she's an amazing astrophysicist; she genuinely wants you to do well in FroSci and really listens to her students' opinions. She presents concepts in a clear and dynamic manner, and she's obviously super passionate/enthusiastic about class and science!