Jennifer Worth

Dec 2020

Professor Worth is literally the sweetest person in existence. She is so kind, helpful, and will do anything to help you, you just need to ask! She genuinely cares about your wellbeing and hates giving grades because she wants everyone to do well so badly! This class was so much fun, we played two games, (Athens and Chicago) both of which were super entertaining and I learned a lot. I would suggest this class to literally anyone considering taking it because both the professor and the content are so incredible!

Dec 2020

Professor Worth is truly my favorite human I have met thus far at Barnard. She is incredibly understanding, her teaching style is casual and interactive, and facilitates a wonderful student-teacher dynamic. I had never done any sort of acting or public speaking elective before taking Reacting to the Past, but Professor Worth made the games much less daunting than they initially appeared. Anyone who enjoys history and participating often in class should take Reacting to the Past.

Apr 2020

SO SWEET AND FUN!! Reacting to the past is my favorite class I have taken at Barnard and Professor Worth is as great as they come. She is engaging, interesting, and makes the class feel much more like a game than school. She is extremely invested in her students and if you put in the work you will do well. Can not recommend this class enough!

Dec 2017

This is a great class and Professor Worth is awesome! Reacting is really cool because you are a part of historical moments and make major political decisions for that time period. The class gets invested and it's a lot of fun, you really get to bond with your classmates. Prof Worth is fun and really cares about each student's improvement. She takes a backseat throughout the games, but gives helpful feedback and tips for speaking and writing. She also does not care about grades, she just wants her students to put in effort and gain skills. She wants class feedback and is willing to change or make improvements to certain aspects of the class. Highly recommend reacting, especially with Prof Worth!