Yi Sun

Jan 2020

I took a year off before coming to Columbia and was about to drop this class because I hadn't done calc in a long time but I'm glad I took it looking back. My calculus skills were rusty so I decided to review basic calc before entering the course. The lectures aren't helpful at times when they we go into proofs since the homework and exams are more application, so I learned mostly from the textbook. He is very fair with the exams- the can be difficult simply because they are difficult topics but he will not throw you with surprises. The practice exams are just like the real thing; expect to work a lot with friends and searching up stuff online. Overall this class is for people who are hardworking, dedicated to UNDERSTANDING math and not memorizing it. TIP: find a calc buddy or two; it'll make everything much better. Oh, and also know that many steps are skipped when he writes things on the board so be prepared to catch on fast

Dec 2017

This is the worst teacher ever. You will not understand anything he teaches in class and when he provides answer sheets to reviews/homework there is not explanation as to how he got to those answers. You will spend so much time frustrated over his teaching you won't even have time to do all the other work the class entails. Do not take his course he spends half of the class fixing mistakes he makes while trying to do examples.