Gus K Schrader

May 2021

Amazing professor. Took lin alg with him during pandemic. All exams are take home. First two exams are extremely straight forward. Final requires some work but he gave us multiple days. Great experience. Definitely recommend taking lin alg with him!

Jan 2021

Gus is a super fair teacher. His exams are almost exactly like the practice exams he hands out. Clear lecturer (sometimes I got confused but he has a bunch of lecture notes on Courseworks that are super helpful and clear). overall -- a great experience!

May 2020

This guy never replies to my email.

Jan 2019

I took Linear with Schrader and I enjoyed it very much. He not only knows the material (obviously) but he explains everything clearly and with much detail. There are a ton of proofs in Linear Algebra but all of them are broken down in class – you can always refer to the book for further review. I found the first midterm to be the easiest and close to what he gave as a practice midterm. Midterm 2 and the final were not really as close to what he gave as practice exams in my opinion. The Math help room, of course, is amazing if you are stuck. Also, Schrader's office hours were beneficial and he does take the time to make sure you understand whatever concept you are struggling with.