Pierre Cristofari

Jan 2018

Despite the generally poor opinion students have of FroSci (shared by this reviewer), I felt that Dr. Cristofari was a very good professor. He was always quite enthusiastic and friendly in seminar, which gave some energy to what might otherwise have been the most boring part of my week. While reviewing the material from lecture, he was always knowledgeable (his background is in astrophysics, so if that is covered in the FroSci lectures and is something you expect might confuse you, I would recommend his section). He even basically wrote out an entire study guide for all of the lectures on the board for us in preparation for the midterm. As well, Dr. Cristofari is VERY generous with the portion of the grade made up of seminar attendance/participation. I think in the end he gave almost everyone in my section 100s for it (bearing in mind that everyone did go to 1 or 2 of the short extra credit presentations made available throughout the semester). All in all, I wouldn't ever expect that much from FroSci, but being in this particular class did give me a generally positive experience with it.