Jason Resnikoff

May 2020

If you have Jason for your CC professor you are seriously one of the luckiest students around. As a CC alumn, Jason is first and foremost understanding. He recognizes the difficulties of being a Columbia student can bring and is always around for a talk or willing to give an extension. He is also incredibly knowledgable, often starting class with a short history and background before launching into the discussion. His area of research is labor history and rights, topics that come up frequently in class, along with discussions of his bunnies or being vegan. He makes sure all voices in the room are heard, uplifts minority voices, and constantly asks provoking questions that provoke discomfort but eventually insight. Personally, I find that this class is not for people who do not want to do any work, but if you put in the bare minimum of reading the books or at least reading the synopsis when you are short for time, you will be rewarded many times over with an understanding of philosophy and possible changes to your world view or how you view philosophy's relevance in the modern-day. Jason grades fairly and does not test on things that do not come up during class, even giving the class options to help design their midterm and final. When people talked about how CC was transformative or shaped their college career and maybe even their life, I did not understand how that could be possible when I'm not even a humanities major, but I can definitely say that CC is an experience I will carry with me for a long time to come.

Jan 2020

One of the absolute best professors I've had at Columbia. 10000% recommend.

Jan 2018

A nice guy, does his best to engage with students, but if you are looking to get an A in this class, good luck to you. If you find philosophy difficult to understand - as many people do - you will be severely disappointed by his grading scale. He grades incredibly harshly on the 2 essays - so much so that it ended up tanking my grade and the grades of my friends in the class. Again, he is a nice guy and doesn't make class miserable, but it will come at the expense of your final grade. This is not an easy section of CC.