Giulia Bonasio

Jan 2018

She's a smart woman but an atrocious teacher. Discussion questions are due each class and, according to her instructions, should not exceed 250 words. That being said, she would not hand out high marks unless the question surpassed that limit by a fair margin (we would have sometimes hand in full page responses to get a 3, her version of an A). She frequently claimed to reward improvement, which is excellent. However, everything was graded anonymously so I'm not entirely sure how improvement was rewarded. On top of that, the corrections to essays and discussion questions were often so vague they were effectively useless. She was equally unhelpful in office hours, where she insisted that her written responses to the essay were sufficient to understand how to improve. As for grading. Well. That's just a nightmare. As stated above, discussion questions were graded from 0-3, with 3 being the best. What constitutes a 3 is still wildly unclear to me (for instance, the only 3's I got were written when I was either blackout drunk or almost blackout drunk, which was great for my alcoholism but not great for my participation grade). Midterm and final graded pretty harshly, as well as essays.