Dylan Possamai

Jan 2018

Professor Possamai previously taught in France and it shows. He has French accent and that combined with this tendency to mutter makes lectures very hard for me to follow along with. I usually had better luck understanding the professor in the adjacent room. Additionally, more than once, we've had to stop and backtrack when he got lost and he would have redo parts of a problem. It got the point where I was considering whether or not going to class was helping or hurting my grade. Other people clearly decided it wasn't getting them anywhere and the classroom really emptied out after the first few lectures. That being said, the course load itself wasn't bad at all. Homework questions were largely, if not all, from the textbook and if that doesn't help you, then you could also drop 4 homework since he only took the best 6 out of 10 assignments. His midterm and final were also open note and open textbook. This course is required for all IEOR students and only one professor teaches it in the fall semester so there weren't really any alternatives. It wouldn't be a gross overstatement to say that he was the worst professor I've had so far. His only redeeming quality was that he seemed to be too disorganized and lazy to make his homework (and sometimes exam) questions and couldn't really bring himself to give us the second midterm that he had in the syllabus. Hopefully he sticks to research but best of luck if you land him as a professor.