Joshua Simon

Sep 2018

Mediocre professor, not great at leading an interesting discussion, as he’s more interested in covering the material he prepared than engaging students. Gives minimal feedback on essays unless you follow up with him. That said, exams are pretty easy, but he doesn’t use the grading scale that literally every other professor uses and does not disclose this unless you ask about it. Overall, look elsewhere if you want a more intelligent or lively class leader.

Jan 2018

Lectures too much, and doesn't have anything to say that you won't find in any online cliff notes. Discussions are heavily summary-based; professor rewards vague academic psuedo-intellectualism over any kind of substantive or deep analysis. Somewhat fair grader, but he has an unorthodox grading scale that he doesn't disclose until the end of the semester that may lower your grade by a few points. Overall, I found his instruction mediocre at best. He doesn't put in too much effort, and he's an intellectual lightweight. He'd fit in better at an average high school than an elite institution like Columbia. There are definitely better CC professors out there. Don't waste your time.