Jean Krasno

Jan 2018

I cannot understand how such an interesting course managed to make each lecture sooo boring. Professor Krasno is definitely incredibly knowledgeable (she's had various roles in the UN, and worked/is working with some of the most influential policy makers in the US/UN). She is also very excited by the topic she teaches (aka loots of awkward laughs, where most of the class sort of lost the beginning of the sentence so has no idea what is going on). I would not recommend this course overall because I don't remember anything substantial I learned from it. The readings though, are great. I had a great time learning the topic (in my own time). Lectures, on the other hand, are quite dull. I received a worse grade than expected from this class but I don't think Professor Krasno is necessarily a harsh grader. I think the class just requires much communication with her (which is impossible over e-mail, only to be done over office hours) on the final paper which is 75% of the final grade.