Jason Barr

Apr 2018

Prof. Barr is a superb lecturer. After four years of undergraduate studies I've come to believe that some people are able to teach in a lecture format and some are just awful. Prof. Barr is the best lecturer I have ever had. It is very clear that he loves the subject matter. You can tell from the enthusiasm in his voice. I think his passion for the subject made the lectures really engaging. I also appreciated his sense of humor. Prof. Barr, if you are reading this, while some might have missed the punch line, I think jokes provide some much-needed levity in the often-stressful day to day life of a student. The lectures were clear, easy to follow, and did not suffer from "information overload." The content of both the lectures and the readings was interesting and engaging. Since the course did not pile on the work, I was able to better engage with the course material and understand it. I loved the subject matter, and I am going to look back fondly on Urban Economics as one of the best classes I took during my undergraduate years.