Jason Ueda

Dec 2020

Jason is a fantastic professor, and I highly recommend his section of University Writing. I enrolled in UW with slight intimidation from reviews on culpa, Reddit articles, etc., but after taking Jason's class, it turned out to be one of my favorite courses. Despite the semester being affected by a pandemic and being entirely remote, the environment was engaging. I learned a tremendous amount, and the instruction resulted in a noticeable improvement in my writing. Jason is extremely approachable, and I highly recommend taking advantage of his willingness to meet with his students as your essays will benefit significantly from his feedback. Each of my essays received prompt and valuable grading and in-depth written feedback. While Jason is a great instructor, UW is a considerable amount of work, and you'll get out of it what you put in. The papers get progressively more in-depth and time-consuming as the semester progresses. I met with Jason at least once, more often twice, before submitting each progression. Additionally, I met with the writing center for each of the four assignments and a librarian while working on P3, the research essay. I highly recommend using all the resources if you want to do well in the course.

Apr 2018

JASON IS A GREAT TEACHER. His attitude in the face of the utter absence of discussion was more than admirable. It made UW feel fun and easy. Overall would recommend.